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Clearanail® Treatment 


What is Clearanail®?

Fungal nail infections are difficult treat as the infection sits underneath the waterproof nail plate where it is difficult for topical antifungal treatments to reach.

Clearanail® is an innovative and highly effective technology which allows better access to the area of nail infection.

Clearanail® is an intelligent device which allows the podiatrist to painlessly drill very small and precise holes through the fungal nail, enabling access to the source of the infection without damaging the underlying nail bed. These microholes are very small (0.4mm diameter) and will be drilled across the portion of infected nail at approximately 3mm apart. An antifungal solution can then be sprayed on to the nail where it passes through the holes to kill off the fungus. These holes do not refill, so treatment can continue until a new healthy nail has grown out. The podiatrist will need to review the situation at intervals of 8 and 16 weeks to ensure the treatment is working. Occasionally extra holes will need to be drilled. 

As with any fungal treatment there is no quick fix! The infection only clears as fast as the nail grows, so treatment can take up to 18 months. However, improvement is generally visible within 8 weeks.

Who can have Clearanail® treatment?

Clearanail® is ideally suited for patients who have a type of infection known as subungual onychomycosis, but can be used for other presentations particularly where the patient does not want to consider or is unable to take antifungal tablets - although treatment in more extensive infections may be less effective.

Prior to treatment the podiatrist will perform a thorough health assessment to check suitability for treatment.

The podiatrist will also need to conduct a test to ensure that fungal infection is present before proceeding with treatment.

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